No matter which kind of dental service you require, Japantown Dental is the family dentist to trust. Among the many services we excel at are dental veneers. Porcelain veneers are often the material of choice for those looking to recreate the look of natural teeth or alter the positioning, size or shape of teeth that are crooked and crowded. 

About Veneers

Dental veneers are very thin pieces of porcelain that look almost like shells. These materials are used to cover the front of teeth. They can act as replacements for old teeth that have been damaged or as an adhesive layer over teeth. This creates a bond between the original tooth and the veneer, helping to correct teeth that have been fractured or have become misshapen. Veneers can also help to whiten teeth or fill in gaps. They often present a better option for patients than bonding treatment. 

In short, veneers are recommended for patients who want to either close the spacing between their teeth or change the color, shape or size of their smile. The team at Japantown Dental can reshape your teeth or close the gap between them in just two easy visits.

Other Veneer Options

Japantown Dental also offers “no-prep” veneers that require little to no removal of your original teeth. These veneers can be installed to the front of your teeth more quickly and less painfully than traditional dental veneers. This technology will provide the same effect as traditional veneers, only without any underlying changes to the original tooth.  

Veneers allow patients to keep their original teeth while fixing gaps, darkened teeth and broken teeth. They can be cared for in the same way patients would care for regular teeth. They will need to be monitored by your dentist for routine maintenance. 

Find out more about veneers or schedule an appointment by contacting Japantown Dental at 408-294-9944. 

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